Zigbee Based Wireless Weather Station Project Report

In this project we developed a Zigbee based wireless weather station station monitoring system based on embedded system technology. The main objective of this project is to derive the statistical information about the abnormal geological and atmospheric conditions and send data to weather stations.

Recent day information systems are greatly depended on the usage of embedded systems in their interior circuitry due its supreme multi task functionality, the functional elements of these embedded systems are micro controllers and micro processors, these micro controllers and micro processors are programmed based on the conditional requirement.

Wireless weather station monitory system project video consists of overview on project block diagrams, circuit diagrams, project layout.


The typical micro controller used in this project is a PIC micro controller, and this entire project is designed in visual basic 6.0.

 Zigbee Based Wireless Weather Station

Fig: the block diagram representation of transmitter and receiver of the wireless data acquisition network for weather station.

Transmitter section:

The transmitter section consists of set of zigbee based wireless sensor networks like i.e. light sensor, air temperature sensor, humidity sensor, pressure sensor, wind direction sensor, and light sensor. Interfaced with the PIC micro controller and this micro controller is connected to LCD module, UART, and Zigbee module of the receiver.

Download Zigbee Based Wireless Weather Station Project Report

Receiver section:

The receiver section had Zigbee module, USART, PIC micro controller, LCD module, RS 232, and a PC with VB.

PIC micro controller:

Peripheral interface controller i.e. PIC is a high performance RISC CPU, low power consumption with high independent interrupt sources which operates at wide range of operating voltages 2.7v to 6v. This micro controller has 8k x 14 word of flash program memory with 368 x 8 bytes of data memory (RAM), debugging facility. The pin configuration and the fabrication of the PIC micro controller are clearly explained in this paper.


This new Zigbee based wireless monitoring system is highly applicable in presenting the accurate information of the hazardous situations by this it prevents the loss of humans and property, it is not only a cost effective device but also it an reliable device in getting the environmental information in remote areas.

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