Wireless Notice Board Project

In this project report we explained about wireless notice board using AT89C52 micro controller project, this micro controller is responsible for the functionality of this display system

We developed GSM based smart wireless notice board with the help of micro controller. In recent days several techniques were adopted for displaying information wirelessly. We here presented a new concept where the user can display the data on the screen by sending sms; the entered text can be altered based on the requirement by the user these variations are performed by the micro controller circuit.

Wireless Notice Board

This report consist of


What is wireless notice board

Transmission technologies using GSM, RF, Bluetooth, Zigbee 

Wireless notice board video will give over view on project details like circuit diagrams, block diagrams, Keil MicroVision software Graphical interface details.

Proposed system:

Any GSM mobile is used enter the text for the notice board and send message is received by the GSM modem at the receiver end and this GSM modem sends these signals to the max 232 which is connected to the micro controller, now the micro controller stores the data to be displayed in EPROM and displays it on the LCD screen.  This entire circuit will operates at 5v, 500mA power supply for that we provide a rectifying unit consists of step down transformer, bridge rectifier, smoothing filter and a voltage regulator. 

Wireless Notice Board Project Report

Transmission technique:

The transmission of data is achieved by the GSM module, GSM stands for Global System for Mobile Communication is a mobile system base on multiple radio cells. This technology is smart and secure, easy to manipulate under abnormal conditions also, the subscribers are identified by the SIM cards. These SIM,s contains a pin for activation. The GSM network architecture, functional features and its security aspects are explained in this paper.

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