RF Controlled Robot with Metal Detector And Wireless Camera

RF Controlled Robot with Metal Detector and Wireless Image and voice transmission  project we mainly discus about the implementation of the RF controlled robot, real time applications with its future enhancements. Here in this we built a sample model to test the process, terms and conditions. Due to vast development on the field of robotics the implementation automated mechanical devices are increasing in performing tasks that cannot be performed by humans. The source for this project is taken from embedded systems.

Robotics project with RF controlled projects like mobile car operator project report can be useful for reference.

Rf Controlled Robot With Metal Detector Circuit Diagram:

Rf Controlled Robot With Metal Detector

Proposed system:

The proposed radio frequency controlled robot is controlled by an RF remote, the mechanical movements are controlled by this remote, and for that we use an AT89S52 MCU controller to monitor the device movements, in our project we fix geared stepped motors as the wheels of the robot which rotates at speed of 60 rpm, this robot is provided with A high sensitive induction type metal detector for sensing the obstacles in the path, the robot consist of an wireless camera with voice interface for data transmission. This system produces a beep sound whenever it detects any metal obstacle and the pictorial information is transmitted to the remote control room.

Hardware components:

The fabrication of this device consists of radio frequency controller set having RF transmitter, and RF receiver. And a power supply circuit having step down transformer, bridge rectifier, voltage regulator and filter.  The key component is the metal detecting sensor, and a motor driving unit comprised with steeper motors, and the overall operations are control and coordinated by a micro controller.

Software details and applications:

This system is designed under Keil 8051 Development Tools; this system is highly applicable in security, geometrical researches, explorations, relic hunting, and bomb detection’s.

Download RF Controlled Robot with Metal Detector And Wireless Camera

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