Motion Controlled Robotic Arm Using Flex Sensors

Motion Controlled Robotic Arm Using Flex Sensors is to manipulate the robotic arm using flex sensors. Remote Controlled Metal Detecting Robots and automated robots are intensively used in industrial applications, space research, medical sciences and security.

So we implemented an electro mechanical robot which is controlled by motion sensing technology, Motion Controlled Robotic Arm project used flex sensors i.e. the sensors whose resistance is dependent on the amount of angular twist.

These devices convert the change in angular twist into resistance, such that the bend of the sensor is directly proportional to the resistance. These are intensively used in gloves to sense the human finger movements.

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Flex sensors:

These sensors can work as variable analog voltage dividers i.e. analog resistors. It consists of carbon resistive elements inside them with a thin flexible substrate, basically when the sensor is at rest has a resistance of 10k and when it is twisted to 90o it will 30 – 40 k ohms.

Motion Controlled Robotic Arm

Control system and Master Section:

We use ATMEL ATMEGA16 processor in the circuit to perform the controlling operations of the robotic arm. The manipulating arm i.e. glove is the master section for this section, the motion sensing glove manipulate the servo motors in the robotic arm which causes the robotic arm to move.

The sensor is connected to a voltage driving circuit for power supply in the circuit.  The entire circuit fabrication is explained in detailed in this paper.

Motion Controlled Robotic Arm Using Flex Sensors Project Report.


These systems find enormous applications in Flex sensors are used in human sensor gloves, automatic manipulating controllers, fitness products, analog measuring devices, assistive technology for blind and disabled persons, automatic musical instruments, joysticks, and industrial automation. So far we implemented a sampled model in this project.

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