Mobile Controlled Robot Using DTMF Technology Project Report

In recent days mobile controlled robot using dtmf technology are playing vital role in industrial automation and hazardous work conditions. Automated robots have several advantages in terms of accuracy and reliability, in our “project Mobile Controlled Robot using DTMF i.e. Dual Tone Multi Frequency tone, Technology”; we implemented a cell phone operated robot using dtmf technology, these systems are applicable in defense like bomb detector, spy robot and also in surveillance, in this dtmf based robot project we discuss about the design and implementation of the automated robot.

Proposed mobile phone controlled robot:

The dtmf robot we use a mobile phone to control the operations of the robot, the robot has a mobile phone internally so when we make calls to that mobile the corresponding tone is here’d at the other end. Using dtmf code the direction and motion of the robot is controlled. Presently the robot system can sense the smoke and gas emission and can intimate to the operators with the help of alarm,

Mobile Controlled Robot Using DTMF Technology 

Figure: Architectural view of the proposed system.

Technical specifications:

The key aspect in this mobile phone controlled robot is the monitoring action performed by the micro controller. The ATMEGA-16 micro controller used in this project is low power and high performance CMOS 8- bit 4k byte EPROM which is ideal for low power consumption applications. The pin configuration and features of the micro controller are explained in later sections.

Youtube Video link to view important details about this project


The software used in dtmf based robot project is Professional Proteus, Win Avr, Avr studio and Extreme burner. The programming for the micro controller is done in embedded system technology.

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 Other benefits dtmf controlling vehicle system:

These are applicable in house hold appliances, remote sensing in industries and factories, and long distance remote sensing.

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mobile controlled robot using dtmf technology Circuit Diagram

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