Remote Control for Home Appliances

The main objective of this project is to access remote control circuit for home appliances. In our project “Remote control for home appliance” we implemented an IR remote control for home appliances based on infra red sensors. 

Benefits of Remote control for home appliances project:

  • Facilitates wireless control over the equipments.
  • Cost effective and easy to maintain.
  • It had multi channel functional ability.
  • Tamper proof and portable device.
Remote Control for Home Appliances

These remote sensing and controlling devices not only applicable for house hold appliances but these systems can be extended for handling high power appliances and electronic appliance control systems for the disabled and handicapped persons by changing some modifications in terms of  increasing standards of the hardware components. So far these remote control devices are finding applications in small scale industrial automation and sensing elements, health care monitoring systems, and wireless access in old age homes.

 Download Remote Control for Home Appliances Project Report 

Key components in the proposed system:

Infra red sensor, IC counters, driver circuit, and relay. The individual component description is presented in the later sections.

video link to view different types of circuit diagrams used in this project with pcb layout design details, components list.


Printed circuit board layout:

The manufacturing and design and fabrication are carried out in a sequential process. Drawing the circuit diagram on the copper board – marking relevant points for drilling holes – excess blur around the holes is to removed – oxidation process is carried out for cleaning the circuit board – soldering rod is used to fix the circuit components at respective positions – make power supply connections and wiring at the terminals s of the components – testing is carried out to sense the faults and loose connections.

Links to download abstract, documentation and circuit diagrams.

Remote Control for Home Appliances Circuit Diagram

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