Robotic Arm Project Report Using Microcontroller

In this Robotic Arm Project Report we explain about a robotic arm control circuit using a micro controller which controls the mechanical movements of the robotic arm. In recent days robotics is gaining enormous attention in industrial automation applications.

These programmable re-programmable multi functional manipulating devices are intensively used in the hazardous conditions. The term robot is nothing but the electro mechanical device which mimics the human behavior in implementing tasks, while robotics is the science and technology which deals with the design, construction and implementation of robots.

Mechanical structure of the Robotic Arm Project system:

The robotic arm had two servo motors and a dc motor, the servo motors are placed at the shoulders facilitates the circular and angular movements and the dc motor at the wrist allows the robot arm to pick and pale of the objects.

 Robotic Arm Project

ATmega16A microcontroller:

The micro controller used in this robotic arm project is an low power and high performance CMOS 8-bit micro controller manufactured using AVR enhanced RISC architecture, these devices are capable of executing powerful instructions in an single clock cycle.

For information on circuit diagram, block diagrams, components view this link.


System components:

The proposed system mainly consists of three sections server computer, robotic arm and automated guided vehicle. The controlling circuit had micro controller which is programmed based up on the assembly level language.


This robotic arm technology is applicable in automated guided vehicle or automatic guided vehicle systems, obstacle sensing and guidance systems, Industrial automated equipment carrier’s automated cars and Industrial automated equipment carrier’s automated cars.

Download Robotic Arm Project Report and Abstract


These systems are Time saving, eliminates the need of human labor in dangerous working conditions, implements sequential and systematic operation, facilitates wireless operation with easy maintenance.

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