Remote Monitoring and Control Systems of Electric Power Project Report

In our project remote monitoring and control systems of electric power system, we designed a web based real time control of electrical power systems. The network is connected to the computer with internet by means of a developed system is three-tier architecture. In terms of communication and control of electric power systems this system had immense potential in maintaining accuracy and reliability over other remote monitoring systems.

In recent years there is rapid advancement in internet-based networking technologies providing wireless control over the electrical equipment.

The varying parameters of the electrical network are continuously monitored in normal and abnormal conditions based on real time computing constraints, the measured values are displayed on the monitors, the SCADA system enables the user to gain control over the electrical utilities like transformers and ac/dc generators in the electrical generation plants.

 Remote Monitoring and Control Systems

Remote monitoring tools:

The hardware and the software tools of the proposed system are:

Youtube video link to view screen shots, block diagram..etc


Hardware requirements:

The hardware of this comprised of an micro controller for accessing control over the auxiliary components, and it is interfaced with the sensors and analog to digital converter, the purpose of an analog to digital converter is to present the digital information to the micro controller from the analog input of the electrical appliances.

Remote monitoring system project Software requirements:

The software is based on the three tier architecture which is divided into presentation tier, application tier, and data base tier. The implementation of these tiers and their construction is explained in the later sections. . In this project, we use the visual basic language is a graphical user interface.

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Data Acquisition System (DAS):

The data collected from the power system is transmitted to the internet connected computer by means of Data Acquisition board; the board had total 32 terminals for 16 for analog and digital inputs and 16 for analog and digital outputs.

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