Download Pre Paid Energy Meter Project Abstract and Report

The motive of this “Pre paid energy meter project”, is “pay before use” by implementing this GSM based prepaid energy meter. The main objective of this prepaid energy meter project is to minimize the illegal usage of electricity. The conventional billing strategies had several drawbacks and man made errors. To overcome these undesirable entities this newly proposed system is an ideal choice.

 Pre Paid Energy Meter Project

Design of pre paid energy meter Project using GSM:

Here in this energy meter system we monitor the domestical usage levels by means of GSM module, the credential part of this system is the micro controller unit interfaced to the energy meter and the GSM modem, the meter is designed for use in single phase 2 wire distribution systems.  The tariff calculations and the billing of the electricity usage are facilitated using a smart card.

The users need to invest capital first and based on the investment the authorities will provide service, this prepaid energy meter access power to the each consumer comfortably with reduced man power, and the consumption rates are determined accurately. The credits used by the user are transferred by using an infra red interface.

Youtube Video link to view block diagram, circuit diagram, components used.


Micro controller unit:

The micro controller used in this project is a low power and high performance AT89S52 CMOS 8-bit microcontroller with 8k byte EPROM designed based on Atmel non-volatile memory technology.

Features of micro controller:

  • 8K bytes of Flash.
  • 256 bytes of RAM.
  • 32 I/O addressing lines.
  • Watchdog timer.
  • Two data pointers, three 16-bit timer/counters.
  • A full duplex serial port.
  • Clock circuitry.
Download Pre Paid Energy Meter Project Abstract and Report

The pin description and individual component specification are neatly elaborated in this paper.


This intelligent smart metering system facilitates high flexibility, robustness, multi tariff billing, power factor detecting and imparting, accurate, reliable with low power consumption and less human involvement.

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