Laser Torch Based Voice Transmitter and Receiver Project Report

In our project “laser torch based voice transmitter and receiver” we implemented an alternative choice for the RF communication in order to facilitate high data rate transfer with low interference and high deal of secrecy, the narrow beam divergent laser acts as a carrier for wireless voice signal transmission. The operation principle is based up on light modulation.

  Laser Torch Based Voice Transmitter and Receiver

Laser audio transmitter and receiver block diagram:

The laser voice transmitter circuit consists of two major sections one is transmitter section and the other is receiver section:

Transmitter section:

The main components are pre amplifier, op-amp, voltage regulator, heat sink and laser diode. The input audio signal is taken from the condenser MIC is amplified and transmitter in air in the laser light beams.

Receiving section:

The laser beams are collected by the receiver at the end user and it has a photo transistor, common emitter amplifier, and audio power amplifier with loud speaker. Firstly the photo detector picks the transmitted signals and amplifies into the audio signal and drives it to the speaker.

Youtube video link to view block diagram, circuit diagram, abstract.


Laser torch:

 It is the medium of data transmission and it had capabilities of high data rate transfer up to a spectral wavelength of 780-920 nm, with lees interference problem.

End user loud speaker:

It converts the electrical signal in to sound i.e. transducer.

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Low cost, high data rate, narrow beam with less interference and high secrecy, these can be transmitted through any medium, easy implementation and less maintenance, long term stability and service free operation, highly applicable in inaccessible environments and defense security aspects in transmitting confidential matters.  


We can communicate with others wirelessly, and later on advancement in these researches would develop these systems into satellite communication modules.

Future expansion:

These short range transmission lasers can be transformed into high range lasers by that we can improve the capabilities of the proposed system.

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