Food Waste Disposal Machines Project Report

The main objective of this project food waste disposal machines, is to implement a high speed food waste recycling machine which had abilities to recycle the waste food into fertilizer in very less time and high rate. These food waste disposers are gaining enormous importance in the garbage disposal technologies.

Food Waste Disposal Machines


Description of garbage management system:

The degradable wastes comes under plants, livings organisms and These unused, unwanted human garbage’s/junks are to be properly managed in order to reduce the negative impacts on environment. So the  food waste disposal machine grinds the food waste into pieces and then makes it to dry and used as an fertilizer for the plants and paddy fields. 

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Food waste disposal machines systems operates at 12v dc supply, the food waste recycling machine  mainly consists of a relay circuit, limit switch, IR sensor, induction and dc motors including transmitter and receiver sections, this system is connected to waste dumping systems like dish wash tubs,  and other garbage disposal, sewage disposal units, depending on the conditions of operation, these wastes are taken into the disposal system by means of an conveyer belt  and after refining this waste into particles and drying it in sun,  the  recycled waste is feed to the plants,  by implementing this real time waste disposal machined sin daily we can attain good control over the wastage cycle but also we can  improve our  living and standards about the utilization of wastages for useful purposes, by separating these wastes at the source level itself.  

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Components in Power supply unit:

The power supply unit consists of consists of step down, rectifier unit, smoothing filter, and a voltage regulator.

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